Achieving a Brilliant Finish: Polishing Concrete Floors with Onyx Propane Floor Grinders & Polishers

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Commercial, Floor Care, Propane Floor Machines

Achieving a flawless and durable finish when polishing concrete floors is contingent upon utilizing the right equipment, and Onyx brand Propane Floor Grinders & Polishers stand out for their efficiency in this regard. The meticulous process begins with thorough surface preparation, involving the removal of dirt and debris, repair of cracks, and ensuring a level, smooth surface. Onyx’s range of diamond tooling options comes into play during the subsequent steps. Coarse diamond grinding tools are used initially to remove the top layer of the concrete, exposing the aggregate and creating a flat substrate. As the process advances, finer grits are employed to refine the surface, progressively enhancing its smoothness.

The transition to finer diamond grits is facilitated by the variable speed controls of Onyx grinders, allowing operators to tailor the grinding process to specific requirements. The propane-powered feature ensures consistent and reliable power, contributing to the efficiency and productivity of the polishing process. The final stages involve the use of resin-bonded diamond polishing pads, designed to achieve a high-gloss finish and enhance the clarity of the concrete. Once the desired polish level is attained, considerations shift to densification and sealing. Applying a concrete densifier enhances the floor’s durability and stain resistance, followed by the application of a high-quality concrete sealer to protect and maintain the polished surface’s shine over time. In conclusion, polishing concrete floors with Onyx Propane Floor Grinders & Polishers is a precise and rewarding process that transforms ordinary concrete into a glossy, polished masterpiece, adding both value and sophistication to any space.

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