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The Cleano

Cleano Ultra Pure Water Cleaning System

Product Details:

Multi-purpose and surface ultrapure water cleaning system

Clean indoor glass and other indoor surfaces

Clean outdoor surfaces and non-porous surfaces

The Cleano indoor ultrapure water cleaning system is for indoor glass and surfaces. It combines the cleaning power of pure water and microfiber in a light, compact and entirely mechanical tool (no cords, no batteries, etc).  The Cleano keeps glass clean longer.  With no chemical residue being left behind on the glass dirt will not be attracted, reducing the frequency of cleaning intervals. Fill with pure water from HydroTube™, Hydro Cart or Ready Pure systems.

Interchangeable frames

Thanks to special easy joint disconnection system you can change the frame for your Cleano depending on the surfaces to clean


The new Cleano series can be used with both chemical products or with AquaPura and water

  • Reduces labor up to 50%
  • Reduces back strain – ergonomic
  • Allows safe working from the ground
  • Easily clean indoor windows up to 50′
  • Reaches difficult areas without dripping on or having to move furniture
  • Environmentally friendly, no chemicals
  • Economical eliminates chemical costs

Applications Include:

  • Indoor glass windows and walls
  • Washable furniture
  • Washable tables and desks
  • Counters and work benches
  • Washable doors
  • Washable walls
  • Glass partitions, showcases, and mirrors
  • Elevator walls and doors
  • Glass refrigerator doors
  • Indoor window sills

The Cleano comes in five sizes giving you the versatility to clean almost anything you’ll encounter.

INTRODUCING the Cleano 1

Cleano 1
Represents a REAL Revolution in cleaning.  A cleaning innovation; compact and complete measuring 12”. The Cleano is equipped with a handle, pad holder, solution tank with a spray system, all in one.

Cleano 2
For cleaning and sanitizing walls, fixtures, mirrors and doors. Environmentally friendly, no chemicals. Economical, eliminates chemical costs. Indoor Ultra Pure Water Cleaning System is for indoor glass and non-porous surfaces. Reaches difficult areas without dripping on or having to move furniture.

Cleano 5
Small enough for everyday cleaning but still reaching up to 10′ this versatile model is the perfect everyday indoor ultrapure water cleaning system.

Cleano 10
Perfect for those out of reach surfaces. Cleaning up to 15′ it’s quick and easy to use.

Cleano 25
Using our 25′ Carbon Fiber Composite Flip Lock Telescopic Pole you can reach up to 30′.

Quick Lock Cleano
Available as-is or in a kit form for those who already have our Quick-Lock Water Fed Poles. They are made of high-grade carbon fiber and reach from 5′ up to 55′.

*Included with purchase is three pads.

Use our Hydro Bottle Kit to produce pure water on the fly for your Hydro Clean.

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Gilbert, AZ 85233

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