Enhance your cleaning process to prevent cross contamination especially during cold and flu season.

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Cleaning, Disinfecting

One of the many challenges facing cleaning professionals is the issue of cross contamination. Managers and supervisors must continually encourage their cleaning staff to use proper cleaning methods to reduce and eliminate cross contamination. Cross contamination is defined as the transfer or spread of germs from one area, surface, or person to another. With the correct training and tools in place cleaning staffs can ensure that their work is producing the best cleaning and disinfecting results.

Here are three ways to ensure successful results

  1. Cleaning starts from top first and then works down to the bottom. Start with ceiling fans, vents and lights. This allows for pathogens, dirt and dust fall down during the cleaning process. Using the correct tools; microfiber cleaning cloths and microfiber mopping tools, the soil will be retained while the cleaning is being done or at the end when it is gathered on the floors.
  2. Start in the cleanest areas first and working towards the dirtier areas to ensure the cleaner areas stay cleaner. This is most important when cleaning with reusable cloths rather than disposable cloths.
  3. Wipe in an S shape pattern to avoid overlapping with a clean area.

Bye Bye to Germs

  1. Use different color microfiber cleaning towels to reduce and eliminate cross contamination. A suggestion would be to use Red towels only in restrooms and green towels in break-rooms. This will eliminate the possibility of cross contamination from one area to another. Some cleaners will also use Blue towels for windows and mirrors. Folding towels strategically will also avoid cross contamination. A simple method is a four-square, fold the towel in half and then half again constantly changing the sides to reduce contamination.

It is everyone’s responsibility in the facility to participate in the health and safety of the facility. In addition to the cleaning professionals tasked each day all staff can do their part by washing hands, throwing away trash and using the best practices for personal hygiene.

Suggested items that every business should have on hand for staff use.

  • Plenty of hand soap and hand sanitizer
  • Microfiber cleaning towels for general and personal use around work areas
  • Cannisters of disposable disinfectant wipes
  • Ready to Use cleaners and disinfectants available for cleaning professionals and general staff


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