Making Easy Work of Summer Cleaning Projects

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Chemicals, Cleaning, Commercial, Residential

For schools and universities summer work projects require a great deal of time and resources. Stripping and recoating of tile floors, deep cleaning of tile and grout and deep cleaning of carpets are usually done during the summer months when campuses have less traffic and staff resources can be devoted to time that is necessary for these projects. Facility managers and maintenance supervisors take pride in the work that gets done to prepare their campuses to welcome the students back for the next school term.

A great deal of preparation needs to be considered for these projects well in advance of the start of the work. What materials are needed? What equipment is needed? How many hours of labor time will be needed to complete the work?

Materials needed will include the stripping solution and finish coating for VCT tile floors. The deep cleaning solution for tile and grout cleaning and the proper products for the deep cleaning of carpets. Facility managers and maintenance supervisors should rely on their local cleaning supply sales professional. New products and technology enter the market all the time. These include the chemicals and equipment necessary for the work.

Is it time to look at the latest equipment for dry-stripping VCT flooring? The benefits are many including reduced chemical usage and the safety of cleaning staff that don’t have to work in a slurry of solution when stripping the old coating off the floor. Remember the number one work related injury and slip and fall.

What about floor protection? Have you considered the latest technology of protection that can be easily applied to both chairs and table legs. The benefits are great including the floors condition over the school year and how that will affect the work next year.

Your local sales professional is ready to assist you in determining the best products and processes for your work.

We are here to help you. Here at Advance Champion Supply we are the professionals with decades of experience. Let us consult with you to make easy work of your summer cleaning projects.

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