Propane Powered Floor Maintenance

by | Dec 21, 2023 | Cleaning, Floor Care, Propane Floor Machines

Propane powered floor buffing machines were introduced to the cleaning market in the 1970’s. The need remains to do more with less and propane powered equipment helps to maximize results and increase worker productivity.

Propane powered burnishers allows cleaning staff to burnish larger areas in a fraction of the time compared to electric or battery powered equipment. Time studies show the clear difference between propane and electric burnishing equipment.

The following shows the time per 1,000 square feet polished hourly:

  • 175 RPM electric @ 45 minutes
  • 300 RPM electric  @ 30 minutes
  • 1500 RPM electric @ 15 minutes
  • 2000 RPM propane @ 3.5 minutes

Quality floor finishes respond well to the heat generated by the 2000 RPM turning pad of a propane burnisher machine. That along with enhanced chemistry of the floor finishes means a higher gloss and enhanced slip resistance. This equals safer, cleaner and shinier floors.

Propane burnishers are not the ideal equipment for all places. Healthcare facilities are a better fit for electric powered equipment. That said retail stores, indoor malls, manufacturing facilities and more are ideal sites for propane powered equipment.

Propane powered equipment manufacturers are guided by standards outlined by the following regulatory standards setting organizations that include NFPA/58-1989-1992-2020, OSHA, EPA, DOT, UL and USGBC.

If you’re thinking about enhancing your floor care program allow us to show you the benefits of propane powered equipment.

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